Email send time optimisation for HubSpot & Marketo


In email marketing, the competition for the attention in the inbox is ever-increasing and timing is everything. You spend so much time and energy into crafting the perfect emails. How do you ensure they get opened?

To get the most out of your emails, you need to send them at the best time for your audience.

So what time do you send your emails?

What if you could send each subscriber an email at a different time of day, at the time we know they’re most likely to read your emails?

This is where email send time optimisation comes into play.

Join Mike Donnelly from Seventh Sense and Ryan Jones from Refuel Creative in this interactive, one hour webinar, where all your questions about email send time optimisation get answered!

The webinar will cover:

  • Why is send time optimisation important in email marketing
  • What is the perfect time to send out emails
  • How to actually reach the inbox
  • Investing in your email channels
  • How to increase open rates

Each attendee will receive:

  • Attendees using HubSpot Marketing Pro (or above) will receive a free portal audit plus two free email sends using Seventh Sense
  • Seventh Sense will offer a 25% subscription discount for the first 3 months or a free email assessment from Seventh Sense.

If you don't have HubSpot yet, we can help!

Book a call and refer to this webinar for free basic HubSpot CRM setup.  

Ryan Jones

Principal Consultant, Refuel Creative

Founder & CEO @refueldigital, CEO @gotipping, presenter, speaker, motorsport tragic, music and movie buff. Tweets are my own and often sent in error.

Mike Donnelly

Founder & CEO, Seventh Sense

Mike Donnelly is the CEO and Founder of Seventh Sense where he leads the vision of the platform as well as growing the business. As a recognized sales leader in the technology industry, Mike has used the culmination of more than 19 years of experience building and managing territories to bring to market a revolutionary way of analyzing, visualizing and making data actionable for sales and marketing professionals.