2019 Digital Adelaide

Hunt A Killer Facebook Ads Case Study - Eric Carlson & David Tendrich

September 20, 2019

Eric Carlson and David Tendrich from Sweatpants Agency will share their amazing case study, where they 2x’d the subscriber base of Hunt A Killer in less than 60 days!

Eric Carlson is an online marketer responsible for 3 of the fastest-growing brands in their spaces (Hunt a Killer, Bombtech Golf, Jin+Ja).
He is the founder of 10x Factory, a Slack (chat app) community with over 1300+ entrepreneurs and growing. He has managed over $100m+ in advertising, generating ROI on budgets as large as $4m/mo via internet, radio, & TV. Eris is a 2×2-Comma Club Award Winner and Gusiness World Record Holder. Until Recently Dethroned By France For the Largest Bubble Soccer Game Ever.

David Tendrich is an online marketer responsible for nearly $100m in martial arts and fitness studio sales. He is the Founding Partner of Reliable PSD, a coding company with 40 employees across the U.S. and Europe and Co-creator of Email Machine – an a utoresponder product that has generated hundreds of thousands of fitness and martial arts members across hundreds of studios for the past 8 years.