2019 Digital Adelaide

Understanding Audiences - Paul McFarlane

September 20, 2019

Paul will explain how ‘Trader’ has activated an aggressive digital marketing plan to grow The ‘Trader’ brand, communicate ‘Trader’s’ values, celebrating fun with ‘Trader’s’ customers and explain ‘Trader’s’ product offer as a new and legitimate alternative as a new market entrant in a conservative industry through what we call ‘ Digital Domination’. Although still relatively small compared to our multi-national competitors, Paul will explain Trader’s digital strategy and early tactics which have proven successful in accessing the hearts, minds, belief and wallets with our channel customers side by side with the sales team delivering the ultimate Passion, Flexibility and Partnership in all that we do. 

The journey never ends and there remains so many more digital ideas and activities in our plans which Paul will highlight and Trader will be deploying these in the months and years ahead in our pursuit of the ultimate ‘Digital Domination’.

Paul has nearly 25 years of experience in Marketing, Sales & Senior Management roles driving strategy and teams of people in various sectors including Government, Sport and most recently the Electrical Industry. His last 16 years in the Electrical Industry as a Supplier have been primarily creating Electrical Contractor demand with marketing and sales programs in the B2B environment channel through distributor partners. Paul is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at GSM Electrical (Australia) Pty Ltd – Home of the ‘Trader’ Brand (owned by the Gerard Family – former owners of Clipsal) since March 2015 when Trader was born. 

Paul and his dynamic Trader marketing team continue to deliver an aggressive, new age, passionate, speedy and cheeky marketing strategy across traditional trade methods whilst also deploying a comprehensive digital/social media strategy which is the talk of the industry and has raised the bar of others in their use of digital tactics and programs. In 4.5 years of marketing effort this has helped positioned the ‘Trader’ brand as the fastest growing provider of Electrical Accessories to the Trade in Australia with Wholesalers and Electrical Contractors with so much more now to do with other members in our channel for greater demand creation.